12 wedding shots every bride wants (and how to get them)

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    Every wedding has its own unique story to tell; however, certain wedding shots of moments or people will always prove to be popular with brides and grooms. Professional photographer Kelly Weech reveals her top wedding photography tips and expert photo ideas for bagging the best wedding shots and a portfolio that everyone will remember.


    Wedding photos provide memories for the bride and groom to reminisce over once the cake has been eaten, dress packed away and the day is over. No matter what your equipment or level of experience, anyone can get beautiful photographs. Check out these 12 winning wedding shots from a recent ceremony and tips on how to get them for the perfect wedding album.

    Best wedding shots: the Venue

    12 wedding shots every bride wants (and how to get them)

    Setting the scene of the wedding is very important and a great way to start any album.

    These wedding shots of the venue were all taken without flash to keep the ambience of the room indoors and not required in such good conditions outside (which is a common mistake many make).

    Look around the venue for signature elements that portray the venue to its best potential.

    It may be worth asking the couple before the wedding what attracted them to this particular venue and keep this in mind when starting the story.

    PAGE 1: Best wedding shots – the venue
    PAGE 2: Best wedding shots – the details
    PAGE 3:Best wedding shots – the dress
    PAGE 4: Best wedding shots – the beauty shot
    PAGE 5: Best wedding shots – the boys
    PAGE 6: Best wedding shots – the first look
    PAGE 7: Best wedding shots – the big entrance
    PAGE 8: Best wedding shots – the guests
    PAGE 9: Best wedding shots – the bridge & groom
    PAGE 10: Best wedding shots – the children
    PAGE 11: Best wedding shots – the first dance
    PAGE 12: Best wedding shots – the after party


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