Nikon S1: price, release date, specs revealed

Nikon S1: price, release date, specs revealed

Nikon unveils new Nikon 1 S series cameras, confirming Nikon S1 price, specs and release date at CES 2013.

Nikon S1: price, release date, specs revealed


Nikon has unveiled a new range of entry-level Nikon 1 cameras, revealing the Nikon S1 price and specifications – the first camera in its new S-series range.

Like the Nikon J3 announced at the same time, the Nikon S1 boasts the world’s shortest release time lag and world’s fastest continuous shooting, according to Nikon.

The 10.1-megapixel Nikon S1 features much of the same second-generation technology found in other Nikon 1 cameras, like the recent Nikon V2. However it offers a new graphic user interface promising more intuitive control.

Also on board is Nikon’s EXPEED 3A dual-processing engine which powers what Nikon claims is the world’s fastest continuous shooting at 15 fps with autofocus, and up to 60 fps with fixed-point AF, giving you the ability to capture high-quality images of even super-fast action.

The camera uses an advanced hybrid AF system that boasts phase-detection AF for high-speed movement, and contrast-detect AF for capturing subtle details even in low light. The sensor then switches between the 73 phase-detection focus areas and the 135 contrast-detect focus areas depending on the scene.

Like the Nikon J3, the Nikon S1 can record Full HD movies at 60 and 30 fps and 60i, 60p, and 30p frame rates, and even capture full-resolution photos while filming. Shoot in Advanced Movie Mode and use PSAM controls for full control over shutter speed and aperture. Photographers can also record slow motion, with recording speeds of up to 1200fps.

The new Nikon CSC will be available in white, black, pink, red, or khaki, with kit lenses to match from the Nikon S1 release date on 7 February.

The Nikon S1 price tag is set for £479.99 / €589.00 witht he 11-27.5mm kit, and £619.99 / 769.00 (Black & White only) for the 11-27.5mm and 30-110mm kit.


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