Adobe Lightroom: everything you need to know about the ‘alternative Photoshop’

Adobe Lightroom: what every photographer must know about the 'alternative Photoshop'

Adobe Lightroom Library Module: Flags, Ratings and Labels

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Adobe Lightroom Library Module: Flags, Ratings and Labels

06 Flags
Flags are a very quick way of picking out the images you want to be able to see all the time, your best images and those you don’t want to keep seeing but that you don’t want to delete either.

You can set the Flag status using the badge displayed on image thumbnails in the Develop module’s Grid view (depending on your viewing options) – clicking the badge toggles it between Unflagged and Flagged.

Or you can use the keyboard shortcuts, and this is probably quicker. X rejects an image, P flags an image (think ‘P’ for ‘Pick’) and U unflags an image.

You can then use the Attribute panel on the Filter Bar to quickly filter your photos to show only Flagged or Flagged and Unflagged photos, for example.

07 Ratings
This is another way of identifying your best photos, and it enables you to sort your photos by rating, so that you see your best images first.

You can also use the tools in the Attribute panel to filter your photos by rating. You just click on the number of stars – for example, clicking on three stars displays photos with a rating of three stars or above.

You could use this alongside Flags, but it’s more likely that you’d choose one or the other. Ratings are also displayed below the image thumbnails in Grid view (depending on your view settings), and you can set the star rating here, too.

08 Labels
You may have used labels in Adobe Bridge – they’re a simple colour-coding system you can use for your own purposes. You might use labels, for example, to highlight images that will need further editing, or perhaps as a way of distinguishing black and white and colour photos.

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