Adobe Lightroom: everything you need to know about the ‘alternative Photoshop’

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    Adobe Lightroom Library Module: Filter Bar

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    Adobe Lightroom Library Module: Filter Bar

    04 Filter Bar
    The Filter Bar appears at the top of the main window in Develop module, and it has drop-down menus to help you filter the contents of your Collections or Folders according to the image keywords, captions, location (if you use the Map tools) and more.

    It has four buttons: Text, Attribute, Metadata and None. You can use the Text panel to carry out a simple free-form search for text such as keywords and captions, for example.

    The Attribute panel offers quick and simple visual filtering tools including Flags, Ratings and Labels, while the Metadata panel takes a more structured approach to searches, displaying drop-down menus which enable you to select and combine criteria like the date, the camera model, ISO setting, the lens used and more.

    The fourth,  ‘None’ button on the Filter Bar simply removes all search criteria.

    05 Filter Presets
    The drop-down menu at the far right of the Filter Bar displays a list of default filter presets which you might find useful. For example, the Exposure Info preset displays the Metadata panel with the menus set up to display camera shooting information.

    But you can also save your own Filter Bar settings by first setting them up manually and then using the ‘Save Current Settings as New Preset’ command near the bottom of the presets menu.

    These saved presets essentially do the same thing as Smart Collections, but they’re best reserved for very common wide-ranging filter options because space on this menu is limited – use Smart Collections instead where your search is very specific.

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