Night Sky Photography: pro secrets for stunning moonlight landscapes

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    Essential night sky photography tips to remember

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    Good timing

    The next full moon phases 
in the UK are either side of 
28 December 2012 and 27 January 2013 when the moon rises in the afternoon with good potential for photography during the early evening.

    Do a recce

    Scout out possible subjects and locations for night photography during the daytime so that you know how to find them in the dark! When you return to your chosen spot, make sure you bring a torch – or better still, use a head torch for hands-free light.

    Wrap up well
    The temperatures at night are considerably lower than they are during the day, so you will need to wear extra layers and take a hot drink and sufficient food to maintain your energy levels. Keep your camera well fuelled with fresh batteries 
too, and always make sure you keep the batteries warm so they don’t go flat.

    Make sure your camera is steady

    A solid tripod with a good head is essential to maintain stability during the long exposures required for night photography. During the shoot, double check that the tripod head is locked down securely to prevent any movement taking place and causing unwanted blur.

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