Flash photography made easy: master it all from pop-up flash to multiple flashguns

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    Off-camera flash photography cheat sheet: changing the direction

    Using the flash off-camera means that it can be extended to a number of positions for different effects.

    Look at the images in our flash photography cheat sheet below and note how positioning the light to either side, above or below the subject can create very different shots – some more flattering than others.

    To see the larger version of this cheat sheet, simply click on the infographic or drag and drop it to your desktop.

    How to use off-camera flash: free photography cheat sheet

    PAGE 1: Find your way around a flashgun
    PAGE 2: Master fill-in flash
    PAGE 3: How to use rear curtain flash for cool motion effects
    PAGE 4: What is diffused light?
    PAGE 5 How to buy or make a diffuser
    PAGE 6: See the effects of diffused light
    PAGE 7: What is off-camera flash?
    PAGE 8: How to position your off-camera flash
    PAGE 9: Off-camera flash photography cheat sheet
    PAGE 10: How to use multiple flashguns creatively
    PAGE 11: Using radio triggers in your flash photography


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