Flash photography made easy: master it all from pop-up flash to multiple flashguns

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    Flash photography made easy: how to use off-camera flash

    In this section we’ll explore how to use off-camera flash and suggest several different easy flash set-ups and illustrate their effects in a free to download photography cheat sheet.

    Flash photography made easy: how to use off-camera flash

    Remove your flashgun from your camera and you’ll have the flexibility to fire it from a distance, catapulting your creative repertoire of flash techniques to dizzy new heights.

    Like many of the flash photography techniques discussed in this feature, this is not nearly as complicated as it might at first sound – so persevere for the best results!

    There are several ways of triggering your flash – some new cameras have the option to fire remotely without the use of a cable, thanks to functions like the Commander mode on the Nikon D300.

    If you don’t have this functionality, a cable will do the job just as well, and can be picked up relatively cheaply. Here, we used an SC-17 cable with our Nikon kit, which allowed us to comfortably hold the flash at arm’s length.

    By using a cable, you keep full connectivity with the camera, so the flashgun will still function in full TTL (through the lens) metering mode.

    PAGE 1: Find your way around a flashgun
    PAGE 2: Master fill-in flash
    PAGE 3: How to use rear curtain flash for cool motion effects
    PAGE 4: What is diffused light?
    PAGE 5 How to buy or make a diffuser
    PAGE 6: See the effects of diffused light
    PAGE 7: What is off-camera flash?
    PAGE 8: How to position your off-camera flash
    PAGE 9: Off-camera flash photography cheat sheet
    PAGE 10: How to use multiple flashguns creatively
    PAGE 11: Using radio triggers in your flash photography


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