Flash photography made easy: master it all from pop-up flash to multiple flashguns

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    Buy a diffuser

    Buy a diffuser

    Most flashguns come with a plastic diffuser to mount over the flash head, which is great for diffusing the harsh light. If you didn’t get one with your flashgun, you can pick one up for about £15.

    Make your own diffuser

    If you want to get diffused flash effects, but would rather keep costs down, why not try making a diffuser of your own? All you need is a translucent two-pint milk carton and a bit of sticky tape. Here’s how you do it…

    Make your own diffuser: step 1

    Step 1
    Wash and dry your milk carton, then carefully cut it in half. The bottom part is your diffuser; make sure it’s big enough to fit your flashgun.

    Make your own diffuser: step 2

    Step 2
    Attach the plastic to the flashgun with tape, ensuring that the end of the carton is about 1cm from the flash. Now you’re ready to shoot!

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    PAGE 4: What is diffused light?
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    PAGE 8: How to position your off-camera flash
    PAGE 9: Off-camera flash photography cheat sheet
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