Take stunning pictures of ice this winter

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    Processing your pictures of ice

    Processing your pictures of ice

    As it’s so bright, ice is really brilliant at fooling your camera’s light meter into underexposing. You may well find, even though you’ve compensated, that your whites aren’t as white as you’d have liked.

    Luckily, you can get adjust them to a gleaming level in the digital darkroom. It only takes a few seconds, using Levels in Photoshop.

    Here’s how to do it: open Levels then drag the highlights slider towards the centre to increase contrast and boost highlights. If you hold down the [Alt] key you’ll be able to see the pixels that are clipped.

    The pixels you should be clipping are just the specular highlights (these contain no pixel data and are the brightest, shiniest parts of the image).

    Avoid clipping large patches and don’t go overboard – aim to recreate a very light, faint pattern of the ice when you hold down the [Alt] key.

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    PAGE 2: Ideas for creative pictures of ice
    PAGE 3: Processing your pictures of ice


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