Take stunning pictures of ice this winter

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    Ideas for creative pictures of ice

    Ideas for creative pictures of ice

    Striking winter pictures of ice play on the contrast of texture and colours, which is why ice is such a godsend. Pick strongly coloured leaves (multicoloured are usually the most interesting) that will stand out against the cold hues of the frozen ice.

    Unless your frame is mostly coloured leaves and very little ice, be sure to overexpose by about 1 stop, so that your pictures of ice are bright and white, not dark and muddy.

    Take your frames of the frozen leaf in its entirety, then get in really close and go for intricate abstract macro shots with impact. You’ll get something much more original this way.

    Ideas for creative pictures of ice

    If you’re blessed with icy conditions, you’ll have the luxury of shooting a range of different frozen pictures of ice and other textures as they occur naturally.

    If not, manufacturing them is fairly easy. If you’ve frozen your leaves solid, try adding texture with sandpaper, or, if you want a really clear look to your pictures of ice, pour cold water on the ice to get rid of any crystals.

    You can also try stamping on or hitting the ice to create different textures. Depending on the amount of ice you’re working with it can be a good idea to keep the ice in the container, as it can easily snap when removed.

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