Take stunning pictures of ice this winter

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    Looking for winter photo ideas. Find out how to take stunning macro pictures of ice this winter, with tips from shooting to photo editing.

    Take stunning pictures of ice this winter

    When the temperature drops, the outside world gets a new lease of life, which brings endless opportunities for macro photography – particularly pictures of ice.

    Fallen leaves frozen in puddles of textured ice are a favourite – get up early on frosty mornings and you’ll be blessed with good light.

    But what if the weather’s too mild for frost or you live in a warm climate? Even better! You can take total control of your subjects and cultivate your own macro pictures of ice in plastic containers by adding some water and popping them in the freezer – just remember to fill your frame when you shoot.

    Essential gear for macro pictures of ice formations

    Essential for shake-free close-ups. Using a tripod will make it easier to focus, especially if you want a very shallow depth of field.

    Flexible head
    Don’t let your tripod hold you back. Invest in a good quality tripod head that enables you to easily and quickly change your position, so you can experiment.

    Macro lens
    If you really want to photograph the world in close-up, invest in a good macro lens. A ratio of 1:1 is best but 1:2 is still very close. Extension tubes are a cheaper option, but they are a bit more of a fiddle than a proper macro lens.

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