Issue 134 of Digital Camera on sale now

Issue 134 of Digital Camera on sale now

Issue 134 of Digital Camera on sale now

The New Year issue of Digital Camera is on sale today! We’re kicking off 2013 with an inspirational ‘get out there and do it’ guide to wildlife photography. From back-garden bird shots to images of exotic creatures, we explain all the camera skills and equipment you need.

Got a new camera for Christmas, or want to sharpen some rusty camera skills? Then don’t miss this issue’s bonus mini-mag for beginners. It explains everything you need to know to get perfect shots, in plain English.

We’ve also got a bonus fold-out guide on how to keep shots sharp, and a cover disc packed with inspirational camera technique and Photoshop tutorials. This issue we explain how to customise your camera, how to use Adobe Camera Raw to make landscapes look amazing, and much more.

Gear-wise, we review Sony’s exciting new NEX-6 compact system camera and check out the best alternatives to Photoshop CS. Why spend a small fortune on Photoshop CS when you can find other programs that do many of the same jobs for a fraction of the cost?

Meanwhile pro inspiration is provided by Simon Butterworth, recently named the Landscape Photographer of the Year.

We’ve also got a fabulous new subscription offer. Subscribe now and you’ll receive a handy Manfrotto monopod and gain access to exclusive content.

If you prefer digital, you can download us for the iPad. All of the free gifts this issue are available on the digital edition, as well as more exclusive content!


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