16 new cameras we’d like to see in 2013 (UPDATE)

16 new cameras we'd like to see in 2013

New Nikon cameras we’d like to see in 2013


Nikon D5200 vs D7000: which camera is best for you?

6. Nikon D400 | Long-awaited D300s upgrade

Nikon launched no fewer than five new Nikon DSLRs in 2012, so surely there’s no room for any more?

Ah yes, but there are two issues building within the Nikon DSLR range that will need to be addressed, and one more potential gap in the range.

Issue number one is the ageing D300s. It’s a brilliant camera, even now, but how much longer can Nikon carry on selling a camera with that old 12-megapixel sensor. Or will Nikon drop it completely and focus on full-frame only for its pro DSLRs?

We think it’s too good for that. We want to see a Nikon D400, with the 16-megapixel sensor of the Nikon D7000, dual Expeed 3 processors and 10fps continuous shooting.

7. Nikon D8000 | The D90 and D7000 merge

There’s talk that Nikon might merge the D7000 and D400 product lines to produce a single camera for enthusiast/semi-pro use. But no-one’s mentioned the D90 – or the fact that 2012 was a great year for pros and beginners, but rubbish for Nikon enthusiasts.

Nikon badly needs to beef up its mid-range DSLRs. The D5200 is far too beginner-orientated; the D600 is far too expensive. The D90 has been and still is so good that Nikon would be mad not to replace it, and the D7000, good as it is, is also getting rather long in the tooth.

It would make more sense for Nikon to merge the D90 and the D7000 to keep the price manageable and fill that gap above the D5200.

So what we want to see, slotting in below the D400, is a D8000 with the dual dials and hands-on control of the D90 coupled with the 24-megapixel sensor from the D3200 and D5200.

UPDATE 22 February 2013: Nikon D7100 announced

While not quite the D90-D7000 merger we anticipated, Nikon nevertheless clearly reads these pages and took our advice on updating the D700 😉

We get to handle the new Nikon D7100

The 24.1-megapixel Nikon D7100 – price tag at £1099.99 / €1329.00 body only – offers a range of interesting new features, such as a 1.3x crop mode offering photographers faster continuous shooting and wider AF coverage, while still producing 15-megapixel images. We’ve not yet tested this camera – you can see our hands-on Nikon D7100 review here – but on paper at least it looks to be a serious upgrade.

8. Nikon D4x | The pro DSLR redefined, again

Why should Nikon make another high-resolution pro DSLR when it already has the D800? A perfectly good question, but the rumours persist.

There’s talk, for example, of an even higher-resolution sensor – 52 megapixels, would you believe? But even without that, there are sound reasons for making a high-res version of the D4.

The Nikon D800 is good, but the D4 is built like a tank with a battery that could power a small city and ergonomics that pro Nikon users know like the backs of their hands.

So a 36-megapixel Nikon D4x would make a lot of sense (we predict no anti-aliasing, like the D800E), and there’s already a strong precedent in Nikon’s previous dynamic duo, the D3x and D3s.

UPDATE 8 January 2013: Nikon J3, Nikon S1 announced

While not among our original 16 in this post, a Nikon J3 was one of the last on our shortlist of new cameras we’d like to see in 2013. One of the most popular cameras on the market, Nikon quickly updated its Nikon 1 J1 with the J2 in September 2012. And with sales of the J2 strong, it was only a matter of time before a Nikon J3 price and release date were revealed.

Nikon J3: price, release date, specs confirmedNikon S1: price, release date, specs revealed

What we weren’t expecting, however, was the new Nikon 1 S-series, announced at CES 2013. The entry-level Nikon S1 boasts a lot of the same technology as other Nikon 1 cameras, but offers a few advantages like faster hybrid AF, continuous shooting and a new graphic user interface.

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