16 new cameras we’d like to see in 2013 (UPDATE)

16 new cameras we'd like to see in 2013

 2012 was a busy year for new cameras, be we want more! We put our heads together and came up with our list of the new cameras we hope to see in 2013. These aren’t just the new cameras going round the rumour mill; they’re the ones we particularly want to see and the ones we believe that camera manufacturers need to get out – and fast!

16 new cameras we'd like to see in 2013


New Canon cameras we’d like to see in 2013


1. Canon EOS 7D Mark II | Faster and better

Believe it or not, the EOS 7D is now Canon’s oldest current DSLR. Its robust build, high-speed continuous shooting and advanced AF system mean it stacks up pretty well even now, but it came out in September 2009 and it’s long overdue for a refresh.

Canon does need to find a replacement for its ageing 18-megapixel sensor. How many more APS-C bodies can it put it into?

There is talk, though, that the EOS 7D Mark II will have a higher-resolution 21-megapixel sensor. That would be a small but significant gain which would also stop it stealing any thunder from the full-frame models. Also on the cards are 10fps continuous shooting and improved autofocus.

2. Canon EOS 3D | Canon’s high-res pro DSLR

This is one of the wilder rumours, and it’s been circulating for some time, but the arrival of the 36-megapixel Nikon D800 has heightened the clamour for a high-resolution full-frame Canon DSLR.

Resolution estimates range from 30-50 megapixels, but seem to be coalescing around a remarkably precise 46.1 megapixels.

Is it real? If not, Canon fans will be aghast. For years the 21-megapixel EOS 1Ds Mark III ruled the roost as the biggest and best pro DSLR there ever was and ever could be, but when Nikon brought out its own high-res pro cameras – the D3x, then the D800 – it’s almost like Canon gave up.

The Nikon D800, and especially the D800E, are much too good for Canon to pretend that its best shot so far, the EOS 5D Mark III’s 22 megapixels, is enough.

3. Canon PowerShot G2 X | APS-C fixed-lens compact

Keen patent-watchers have spotted a new Canon lens design for an 18-70mm f/2.8-6 lens with a very small gap between the rear element and the sensor plane.

Two thoughts spring to mind. The first is that this is the focal range for a standard zoom on an APS-C format camera. The second is that the short lens-sensor distance seems to rule out an interchangeable lens camera.

So is this an APS-C replacement for the G1 X, launched almost exactly a year ago? The G1 X seemed a nice idea at the time, with a much larger sensor than previous G-series cameras promising a jump in quality – but not quite enough to rival compact system cameras.

If Canon does launch a G2 X, and if it does have an APS-C sensor, it would really set the cat amongst the pigeons – not least within the Canon range itself.

4. Canon EOS M2 | Canon’s CSC grows a pair

Canon was slow to launch a compact system camera, and when the Canon EOS-M arrived it proved deeply conservative – competent, certainly, but about as exciting as a late-running bus.

But Canon is expected to make announcements about its CSC range shortly, and we’re hoping for an EOS M2, with a larger, magnesium-alloy body and a built-in, high-resolution electronic viewfinder. And if Canon does have a new, higher-resolution APS-C sensor waiting in the wings, then now would be the time to use it!

Canon has to pull something out of the bag if it wants to make up ground on rival CSC systems from Sony, Olympus and Panasonic.

UPDATE 27 March 2013: While it may not be the Canon EOS M2 as we predicted, we weren’t far off! Last week Canon unveiled the EOS 100D, its new entry-level DSLR to sit above the EOS 1100D. The signature feature of the Canon EOS 100D is its size, which Canon says is the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR. You can read all about the Canon EOS 100D price and specs here.

Canon also unveiled a replacement for the EOS 650D, announcing the Canon EOS 700D at the same time as the 100D. There were a few improvements on the 650D, but the general consensus so far is that this has been a minor upgrade. You can read all about the Canon EOS 700D price and specs here.

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