Photoshop Levels tool: 6 tricks all the pros use

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    3 Creative Photoshop Levels Effects


    3 Creative Photoshop Levels Effects: cross process

    Cross Processed
    ■ Click the channel dropdown at the top of the Levels box and experiment by shifting the sliders to add green and blue, then go back to the RGB channel and push the white and black points inwards to boost contrast.


    3 Creative Photoshop Levels Effects: solarisation

    ■ Add a Levels Adjustment Layer, then drag the ‘Output Levels’ white and black sliders to opposite ends. Set the Blend Mode of the Layer to Lighten, then add a Black and White Adjustment Layer to convert to mono.


    3 Creative Photoshop Levels Effects: bold colours

    Bold colours
    ■ Double-click the white eyedropper and choose a colour, then click OK. When asked if you want to save, hit No, then click over a highlight area to remap the tones to the new colour. Repeat with the black eyedropper.

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