9 creative photo ideas to try in January 2013

9 creative photo ideas to try in January: shoot still life photography with food from your fridge

09 Shoot light sculptures


9 creative photo ideas to try in January: shoot light sculptures

Light painting, light sculpture, light graffiti. Call it what you will, but the principle’s the same for all three: wave a torch around in front of the camera during a long exposure.

Michael Bosanko is a specialist in this type of photography, and he confirms that planning is everything: “Exposure times can typically last ten minutes or more, especially in areas in complete darkness. Long exposure times open up margin for error, so it pays to plan the shoot, thinking about light conditions, what light tools to use, and the best composition.

“There are many pitfalls to be aware of too, such as forgetting to turn the torch off when painting detailed images. Ensure the torchlight faces in the direction of the camera lens and before you start painting, check the ground for debris and cracks and spillages. It’s going to be dark, so it helps to know the surroundings.”

Get started today…
* Keep things simple: “Most household torches covered in coloured sweet wrappers or acetate make perfect tools,” says Michael. “There are no rules to what light sources to use. If it illuminates, try it out.”
* Arrive and set up in daylight, so you can compose your shot with a suitable background before it gets dark.
* Mount your camera on a tripod and select Bulb in Manual shooting mode.
* Use a lockable remote release to enable you to keep the shutter open for 10-15 minutes.
* Set the ISO to 100-200 and use a smallish aperture – Michael used f/11 for this 19-minute exposure on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

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