9 creative photo ideas to try in January 2013

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    06 Shoot seasonal bokeh


    9 creative photo ideas to try in January: shoot seasonal bokeh

    Bokeh is a term used to describe the quality of blurred areas in a picture. Lenses that offer the best bokeh render points of light that are beyond the point of focus as attractive circles. By focusing in front of or beyond a light, you can fill the frame with abstract patterns and colours.

    Opening up the aperture to its widest setting to produce a shallow depth of field emphasises the effect. The more aperture blades a lens has, the smoother the bokeh will appear too.

    The effect looks particularly good if you can include an element of sharpness in the picture. Try focusing on a person, pet or Christmas decoration in the foreground, close to the camera.

    As long as there’s plenty of distance between the subject and the lights, the effect will be pronounced.

    Get started today…
    * Fast lenses with wide maximum apertures work best – such as a 50mm f/1.4 or 85mm f/1.8.
    * Zoom in with longer lenses to increase the size of the bokeh circles in the frame.
    * The effect works with out-of-focus lights positioned in front of a sharp subject too. Try hanging fairy lights close to the camera to create a ‘bokeh sandwich’ around a sharp subject.
    * Lock the camera on a tripod for the sharpest blur (it sounds counter-intuitive, we know!).

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