Our 15 most popular landscape photography tutorials of 2012

When and how to use ND filters

Digital Camera World’s 15 most popular landscape photography tutorials of 2012: 9-15


ND Grad filters: what every photographer should know

5 accessories every landscape photographer must own: ND filter

You may have heard the phrase ‘ND grad’ without knowing what it means, particularly if you’re new to photography. Graduated neutral density filters – or ND grads – are filters for controlling light levels and balancing the tones of a photograph to give a result far closer to how it appears to the eye.

Many professional landscape photographers use these filters, but how exactly do they work and when should they be used?


9 secrets to using a tripod like a pro

9 secrets to using a tripod like a pro: secure solid ground

To guarantee sharp shots of static subjects, using a tripod is essential, because it enables you to set any shutter speed you like and still get a shake-free shot. You’re then free to select the aperture you want to ensure maximum sharpness.

To help you along we’ve compiled 9 practical tips you should know when using a tripod to ensure that you get the images you want.


12 promises every landscape photographer must make

Landscape Photography Tips: 12 promises every photographer should make

A perfect tutorial for starting the year right… As we all know, it’s quite easy to fall into routines, visit the same places and find yourself taking the same pictures. So in this tutorial we show you how a little bit of effort on your part can go an awfully long way when it comes to capturing stunning landscape photography.


Pro Secrets: how to use a telephoto lens for awesome landscapes

When you’re shooting landscape photography, the temptation is to reach for a wide-angle lens and try to include everything that your eye can see. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but for a more intimate view of the scenery you can add impact to your images by learning how to use a telephoto lens to pick out key features within the bigger picture. Here we show you how it’s done.


The landscape photographer’s guide to shooting anywhere: free cheat sheet

Better pictures of fog and mist: the landscape photographer's guide to adding intrigue

Our Landscape Photographers’ Guide presents four handy flowcharts illustrating how to get great shots at the coast, in woodlands, on mountain tops and in rural areas where it is often difficult for landscape photographers to add foreground interest to compositions.


Creative landscape photography: master the dark art of shadows and shade


Creative landscape photography tips: how to expose for shadows

Someone once said that the best landscape photography is taken when your shadow is longer than your height, and this adage is worth considering when you’re deciding what time of day to shoot landscapes – early or late.

That’s not to say that fantastic shots can’t be taken at other times, but as a rule the lower the sun is in the sky the better the quality of light. We’ve all know that great light is essential to a photo, but in this post we’ve compiled some of the best landscape photography tips from the experts to help you learn how to better photograph the shadows this light creates


What your histogram says about your landscapes

Using histograms: 6 ways to react to exposure problems

Your digital camera’s histogram, or exposure chart, offers the most reliable indication of exposure, as it illustrates the range of tones in a landscape shot, from dark shadows on the far left through to bright highlights on the far right.

But there’s no ‘perfect’ histogram. Each landscape scene you shoot is made up of a different blend of tones, and the shape of the histogram will reflect this.

In this post we provide examples of common scenes you might shoot and show you how they appear on your histogram.

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