13 awesome photography projects for 2013

13 awesome photography projects for 2013

With every new year comes the perfect excuse to start a brand new photography project to really sink your teeth into. To help you along in 2013 we put together some of our best photo ideas and spoke to some of the best photographers working today. Below, Amy Davies of our testing team rounds up 13 of the most awesome photography projects you should shoot in 2013.

13 awesome photography projects for 2013

Having a dedicated project to focus on can help your photography in all sorts of ways. It gives you an excuse to practice, which can only help you improve your skills. That in turn can build your confidence, and gives you a sense of achievement.

As the creator of a long-term photography project myself, my ongoing Cardiff Arcades Project, I’ve found that having something to consistently work on has been a real boost, both in terms of my photography but in all sorts of associated way.

It’s made me more confident in speaking to strangers, forced me to try out new techniques, given me the opportunity to try new things (such as creating a business card), and happily even won me an award in 2011.

I’m now working on a book of my project, and can heartily recommend taking up a photography project in 2013 that you too can really be proud of. Here are some photography tips for getting started, and some ideas to get you thinking.

Got any of your own? Share them in the comments box.

Tips for photography projects


1.    Don’t be too hard on yourself.
It’s all too easy to get yourself worked up when taking on a photography project – you set yourself all kinds of strict targets and feel miserable if you can’t keep up. Remember, it’s your project and you can do what you want. And if you decide you want to give up on it unfinished, that’s OK too.

2.    Have several projects on the go at once.

To help take the stress out of a big project, it can be a good idea to have a few smaller projects on the go at once that you can dip in and out of when the mood strikes.

3.    Share your progress
Having a way to share your images is a great motivator. Think about setting up a photography blog which you can regularly update with your latest images.

4.    Set yourself some simple guidelines 

In order to concentrate your photography, it’s worth setting yourself a few guidelines to follow. This can include how often you go out shooting, how many images you’re hoping to accumulate, and what kind of post-capture editing you want to do.

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