100 Nikon DSLR tips you need to know right now

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    100 Amazing Nikon DSLR Tips: 81-90

    81. Interpreting the histogram
    The histogram display in Playback mode gives you a quick guide to whether you need to retake the picture – watch out for ‘clipping’ in the shadows or highlights. It’s invaluable for subjects which push the extremes of the tonal range.

    82. Sensor cleaning
    If you’ve got soft, dark spots appearing in the same place on all your photos, it’s dust on the sensor. But before you attempt to remove the dust yourself, try running the camera’s own sensor-cleaning process manually – you can do this via the Setup menu (older models don’t have sensor-cleaning functionality).

    83. Dust Off
    If your Nikon doesn’t have sensor-cleaning, you could use Nikon Capture NX 2 (sold separately). The Dust Off feature uses reference shots to automatically remove dust.

    84. Predictable WB
    With auto white balance, the camera ‘corrects’ the colours for each scene. But sometimes the colour of the light is a key part of the photo. To preserve colours, use the Direct Sunlight preset.

    85. Custom WB
    You can use the White Balance menu to take a manual white balance reading. The camera saves this reading until you override it with another.

    86. WB bracketing
    With ‘white balance bracketing’ (D5100 and up), the camera saves three images with different WB settings.

    87. RAW processing
    If you’ve shot raw files and you need a JPEG, use the NEF (raw) Processing option on the Retouch menu. The camera saves a JPEG along with the original raw file.

    88. NEF exposure
    You can adjust the exposure compensation of raw files in-camera because raw files have slightly more highlight and shadow latitude than JPEG images.

    89. Instant review
    Make sure the Image Review option is switched on (Playback menu). The camera will then display the image you’ve just taken for a few seconds – long enough for you to check that it’s okay.

    90. Playback info
    You can cycle through the image playback information by pressing up/down on the multi-selector. If some info isn’t visible, open the Setup menu and choose Playback Display Options or Display Mode.


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