New Camera Anatomy: 12 key camera settings to get you started right

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    11. Picture Style or Picture Control: Standard


    Sunset Photography Tips: use Picture Controls or Picture Styles

    Many DSLRs and CSCs offer a collection of settings called Picture Styles, Picture Controls or Photo Styles. These are designed to tailor image colour, contrast and sharpness to suit a particular scene.

    In Landscape Picture Style, four example, the camera usually enhances green and blue while boosting the sharpness and contrast a little.

    These settings do not control exposure and should not be confused with Scene modes that set appropriate shutter speed and aperture settings for you – as well the Picture Style.

    12. Colourspace: Adobe RGB


    Canon DSLR menu settings: Color Space

    A colourspace basically defines the range of colours that a camera can capture. Most DSLRs and CSCs offer two options, Adobe RGB and sRGB. Adobe RGB has a wider gamut which means the camera will capture more colours when this mode is selected.

    Most monitors can only display the smaller sRGB colourspace and online labs tend to use it, so if you plan to have lots of prints made by a lab it may be worth switching your camera to sRGB so you capture images within the range that the lab can reproduce.

    You can however, convert images to sRGB using photo editing software.

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