5 Christmas photography tips to deck your hols

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    As the festive season is in full swing we thought now would be the perfect time to get your digital camera out to capture a range of seasonal images that you can share with your friends and family. We put our heads together and came up with our 5 best Christmas photography tips and photo ideas to try right now.

    1. Capture the cold
    At the frost settles on the ground come in close to capture ice patterns on leaves or any natural subject matter. Use a wide Aperture setting to blur the edges of the image whilst keeping the main focal point of the image sharp for a dreamy effect.

    Christmas photo tips


    2. Food preparation
    One of the best things about Christmas is the amazing food on offer! To capture a food photograph with a bit of a difference get your Canon camera out as the cook of your household prepares all the delicious dishes! You’ll find a prime lens with a wide aperture setting works best. Use natural light and if necessary use a reflector to bounce some light back into the image.

    Christmas photo tips


    3. Festive portrait
    When the party is in full swing capture some festive portraits of your friends and family. Use an external flash to bring some light back onto your subject matter. For more top shooting tips on festive flash portraiture photography pick up a copy of PhotoPlus issue 69 on sale now.

    Christmas photo tips


    4. Winter landscape
    Ok so it may be hard to get up at 6am but the results you’ll get at sunrise at a winter landscape location is well worth the effort! Make sure you pack your tripod and use a narrow aperture setting around f/11 to make sure the foreground to background in the image stays sharp. Remember to wrap up warm! For more top winter landscape shooting tips check out the lead feature in PhotoPlus issue 69.

    Christmas photo tips


    5. Selective colour
    If you have some time on your hands during the festive period then you may want to try some selective colouring. Bright festive reds and greens are excellent for this type of effect. Check out our online selective colour tutorial to find out how to do it.

    Christmas photo tips


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