Should you delete more photos?

Should you delete more photos?

Are your earliest pictures and duplicate shots holding you back? Our friends at Photoventure asked whether we should all delete photos more often and simplify our photo editing process.

Should you delete more photos?

We’ve all been there – wincing at the results of our first clumsy efforts with a camera. Or maybe you haven’t. Maybe your images have been keepers from the beginning. We know ours haven’t.

We’re also guilty of creating more in-camera ‘dupes’ than we’ll ever need. It’s easy to fall into the habit of automatically switching a camera to its fastest drive setting and machine-gunning the shutter release for peace of mind. You know, just to make sure…

But do we really need all those similar images?

There’s only likely to be one that catches the perfect moment, so why do we insist on holding on to them all? With multiple hard drives and cloud storage, you can have many versions of the best shot from a sequence backed up in various places.

It’s a brave photographer that goes through their photo collection and deletes large parts permanently. But decluttering your photo collection can be surprisingly freeing – for both your creativity and your computer!

Keep every photo?

There are persuasive reasons for not deleting a single picture. If you shoot raw format files for instance, incremental improvements in raw processing software mean that you can rescue technically imperfect pictures that you might otherwise have consigned to the wastebasket.

Shots that didn’t quite work out can perhaps be incorporated into a digital manipulation, and it can always be useful/interesting to look back at your earliest pictures and see just how far you’ve come.

Naturally, there’s an emotional attachment to the some pictures that might not be the best examples of your photography – whether that’s down to the subject or because of the memories they evoke.

There’s always room for snapshots. However, do you need three, four, five slightly different versions of the same picture?

We appreciate that decluttering a photo collection – not just of duplicates, but of near-misses – is not for everyone, but it worked for us.

Have you tried anything similar? Are you already ruthless when it comes photo management? Let us know…