Professional Photographer to the Rescue: child photography without complication

Professional Photographer to the Rescue: child photography without the complication

Final tips from our professional photographer


Final tips from our professional photographer: get down low

Get down low
“Always bear in mind the height of the child you’re photographing,” says Sheryl. “For the best results, get down and shoot from their level, and look at what’s in the background from their height. Be prepared to get mucky by lying or kneeling on the floor for the shoot.”

Shoot in Raw for quality
“I shoot everything using the Raw format quality setting, but only because of how I present my images,” says Sheryl. “Working in a commercial environment I’m sometimes asked to make 30×40-inch canvases and I know Raw will retain the detail to allow for that kind of enlargement.”

Work around your child
“Sheryl told me that when it comes to baby and child photography, the most important thing to remember is that your child is your priority. You’ve got to let them get accustomed to the location. You’ve also got to be incredibly flexible and just go with what the child wants to do. On this shoot there were things we could do to keep Kieran’s interest, but in the end it was best to let him do what he wanted and work around him.”

Professional Photographer to the Rescue: improve your child photography

Trash the flash
Sheryl never uses flash, because the effect can be artificial, producing unattractive harsh shadows. “I also don’t like the reaction that children have to a flashgun,” she says.

“Fire a flash in their face and they get startled – then they aren’t ready for the next shot. You’ve also got to wait for a recycle time, so you might end up missing shots because children and babies change expressions and move quickly. You’ll get much better results if you use natural light and then control natural light with reflectors and diffusers.”

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