Canon EOS 6D review

Canon EOS 6D full frame DSLR announced at Photokina

In our Canon EOS 6D review, we take an in-depth look Canon’s first true enthusiast level full frame DSLR, which is positioned just below the EOS 7D and above the EOS 60D in Canon’s line-up.

With the Canon 6D price tag at £1,799/AU$2,349/US$2,099 body only or £2,519.99/AU$3,498/US$2,899 with an EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM kit lens, the Canon EOS 6D is appreciably more affordable than the Nikon D600, its biggest rival.

In our Canon EOS 6D review video, Ali Jennings, Lab Manager for our testing team, takes a look at what his new Canon DSLR offers photographers and if it lives up to the hype.

Canon EOS 6D Review Video Transcript

“Hi I’m Ali Jennings, imaging lab manager for Future’s photography portfolio.

This is the Canon EOS 6D, Canon’s first true enthusiast level full frame digital SLR, which is positioned just below the EOS 7D and above the 60D in Canon’s line-up.

Inside is Canon’s Digic 5 processor and a 20.2 million pixel full frame CMOS sensor with a native sensitivity range of ISO 100-25600, which is great for and a range of conditions, and if needed this range can be extended from ISO 50 to 102400.

Two new features for Canon’s DSLR range are inbuilt GPS and WiFi technology. These are handy for recording your location and taking wireless control of your camera.

Whilst the weight of the 6D and the 60D are the same, the 6D’s body isn’t as deep and this makes the grip a bit deeper so it gives really good purchase.

Canon EOS 6D Review Video Transcript

The button layout has been thoughtfully arranged and gives you instant access to the camera’s main features. Many of these can also be accessed using the Quick menu button here, and adjusted using the rear navigation pad.

The menu system is huge with 15 tabs, so the inclusion of the My Menu screen cuts down time locating commonly used features by being able to add them to this screen.

When it comes to AF there are 11 points grouped around the centre of the frame and although this gives a reasonable amount of choice, only the centre one is cross type. We found this is the best one to choose for moving subjects, so you may have to crop to improve the compose post-capture.

The Canon 6D uses Canon’s 63-zone  iFCL metering system with a dual-layer metering sensor. As we have found with other Canon models,  this works well, but in high contrast situations a little compensation, either way, often needs to be dialled in to get the exposure looking right.

Colour rendition is excellent adding slight but not overwhelming warmth, and the TFT screen shows an accurate representation of the final image.

Canon EOS 6D review: side view

On the whole the 6D shows excellent control over noise, with none visible at the lower end of the ISO range. Coloured speckling is visible at ISO 25600 along with some loss of detail in JPEG files, but the images are still usable,

The Canon 6D is the first DSLR to feature WiFi technology built-in. This works well taking just a couple of minutes to pair both camera and iPhone. Once paired and a shooting mode is selected you can then adjust the settings and take pictures using the controls on the screen of your phone.

GPS can be switched on here and once done automatically tags your images with your location, this data can then be view in Canon’s software or other applications that are able to read GPS data.

There’s no doubt where the Canon EOS 6D is aimed, with pro and beginner features stripped, you’re left with a camera finely tuned to the needs of the enthusiast.

The full frame sensor captures images that are rich in colour and tone, with raw format files offering plenty of scope for adjustment. It’s a great option for anyone looking to upgrade to a full-frame camera from a camera such as the 60D.”


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