Band Photography: tips for taking promo shots that rock

Band Photography: tips for taking promo shots that rock

How much to charge for your band photography


How much to charge for your band photography

Obviously, to start off with you can’t really expect to charge a band to photograph them if you haven’t got any examples of band photography to show them. That’s unless you’re extremely confident in your photographic abilities and know that you’re going to produce the goods.

This is why it’s important to really make the most of your time with the first couple of bands you get to photograph.

Change lighting, backgrounds, poses and, more importantly, interesting photo locations to make the whole set of images appear fresh and original. Once you have this in your portfolio, you can start thinking about what to charge for future band shoots.

The ultimate use of the shots is a good guide to working out a pricing structure – and the more established the band, the more you’d expect to charge.

If it’s for the purposes of a single poster promoting a gig and the shoot will last no longer than an hour, a good fee would be £125, to include the hi-res images on a CD.

However, if it’s for promotional purposes such as posters, flyers, an album cover and inside shots, this could take a large part of a day to photograph and anything up to £500 could be on offer.

But be careful not to exploit the situation and risk ruining the relationship before it’s even started.

Being successful is all about branching out and getting your name known as a confident and able portrait photographer. Band members may go on to refer you to friends and family for portrait sessions, for instance.

Why not try showing your portrait portfolio to local hairdressers? They invariably need fresh shots of their latest cuts…

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