Band Photography: tips for taking promo shots that rock

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    Best camera settings for promotional band photography


    Best camera settings for promotional band photography

    Your choice of aperture – and the depth of field it delivers – is the most important setting to get correct when shooting groups. By placing people in the foreground and having space between them and those in the background, you run the risk of not having everyone in focus.

    Sometimes this can be exactly what you want. But, by using an aperture of f/8-f/11 and placing the lead singer in front and the rest about four feet behind, you can keep most people in focus while also adding depth.

    Keep an eye on your shutter speed as you move to smaller apertures – you don’t want to run the risk of the images being blurred by slow settings.

    Also, check the histogram at regular intervals. Many bands dress in black, which can fool camera meters into overexposure.

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