Band Photography: tips for taking promo shots that rock

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    What you need for band photography


    What you need for band photography

    In terms of gear, for promotional band photography you’ll need a traditional portrait outfit – DSLR, mid-range zoom and off-camera flash – plus a wide-angle lens for capturing groups as a whole.

    You’re unlikely to want to use a tripod when shooting bands as you’ll be working quickly on location to find the best angle.

    You may be forced to get down and dirty for a worm’s eye view or get high and look down on the members for a completely different feel (add a stepladder to your photographic arsenal).

    Choosing a suitable environment is crucial, so it’s important to do your research. Go and get a portfolio of possible local sites in different lighting conditions and make sure you get permission to shoot on any private property ahead of the day.

    The choice of backdrop will depend on the style of band that you’re dealing with. If you’re shooting a rock group, try photographing them in an urban environment, such as a darkened alleyway; if you place a well-dressed jazz band in similar surroundings, they’ll look out of place…

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