Sharpening and Noise Reduction: take precise control of your raw files

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    Noise reduction settings in the Detail Panel


    Noise reduction settings in the Detail PanelLuminance
    The primary slider for noise reduction. Use this to reduce the effects of monochromatic noise, most often seen in shadows and areas of even tone.

    Luminance Detail
    Higher luminance detail values can help to preserve details, but may increase noise. Lower values will give cleaner results but decrease image detail and texture.

    Luminance Contrast
    A higher setting will increase contrast but can give blotchy results. Lower values will smooth details.

    Targets and removes specks of colour noise. You can be more aggressive with Color than Luminance, as it doesn’t affect details in the same way.

    Color Detail
    Higher values preserve colour in edge detail but can lead to unnatural colour spots. Lower settings help to remove spots but can result in bleeding colours.

    PAGE 1: Sharpening your raw files
    PAGE 2: Sharpening settings in the Camera Raw Detail Panel
    PAGE 3: Fixing noise in Adobe Camera Raw
    PAGE 4: Noise reduction settings in the Camera Raw Detail Panel


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