Sharpening and Noise Reduction: take precise control of your raw files

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    Sharpening settings in the Detail Panel


    Sharpening settings in the Detail PanelAmount
    Controls the strength of the sharpening effect. View the image at 100% when judging the amount. Double-click the Zoom tool to jump to 100%.

    Determines the number of pixels around the edge in which the sharpening effect is applied. A larger radius increases the chance of unwanted halos.

    Low Detail settings restrict sharpening to the more obvious edges. High settings will enhance finer details and texture.

    Allows you to restrict sharpening in less detailed areas of the image. Hold down Alt while dragging the slider to see the 
masked areas in black.

    PAGE 1: Sharpening your raw files
    PAGE 2: Sharpening settings in the Camera Raw Detail Panel
    PAGE 3: Fixing noise in Adobe Camera Raw
    PAGE 4: Noise reduction settings in the Camera Raw Detail Panel


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