Photography basics: how to add depth to your photos

Shallow depth of field

Using a long lens


Photography Basics: using a long lens to isolate a subject

Isolate a subject
Switching to a telephoto lens can exaggerate the effects of a shallow depth of field and enables you to make a subject pop out of a busy scene.

Photography Basics: using a long lens to isolate a subject

By using a wide aperture and focusing on the pig in the middle here, it becomes the main point of interest and instantly stands out. It makes for a far better pic than the one taken at f/13, which feels two-dimensional by comparison.

Compress perspective
A different viewpoint and a quick change of lenses are all you need to merge the foreground with the background and create the illusion that the distant objects are actually a lot closer.

Photography Basics: compress perspectivePhotography Basics: compress perspective - 200mm

After taking the shot (left) with a 60mm lens, we walked down some steps to the beach and changed to a 200mm lens for the shot on the right. Using a telephoto lens has brought the background forward and finding a lower position has cut down the amount of sea in the distance.

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