Candid street photography: lose your inhibitions and shoot portraits with impact

How to position yourself for candid street photography

The best locations for candid street photography


The best locations for candid street photography

This huge mirrored globe in Bristol’s dockside area is a well-photographed piece of architecture. We waited patiently from a distance until someone came along to take a snap of their reflection.

Fortunately for us, the boy stood on a bollard to take his picture, providing ample interest. We focused on him quickly, recomposed and fired the shutter to grab the shot.

Not all candids have to be tight with frame-filling people. Find photo locations where people interact with the surroundings or each other.

Maybe there’s a favourite bench in your local park where lunching workers take a nap? Wherever you choose try to capture an action ‘moment in time’ rather than a static person shot. Look for colour and interesting features to help keep the interest levels high and to grab a viewer’s attention.


Street entertainers
We all love to shoot street entertainers and musicians, especially when visiting other countries or cities. They make fantastic street portraits because they’re colourful, animated and, above all, used to having their picture taken.

Use the ‘fire and forget’ settings for the same creative freedom to compose and frame properly.

Shooting street entertainers at their level

Get down to the entertainer’s head height for more intimate-looking shots. Don’t be afraid to bend down, kneel or even sit on the floor to get the results. Nobody ever died from embarrassment or a dirty bum!

There’ll be plenty of action so keep firing away on Continuous mode, focusing on the all-important face and eyes. And don’t forget to grab a few wide-angle shots too.

PAGE 1: How to get close to your subject
PAGE 2: How to position yours (and best camera settings) for street portraits
PAGE 3: The best locations for candid street photography


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