Candid street photography: lose your inhibitions and shoot portraits with impact

How to position yourself for candid street photography

How to position yourself (and camera) to shoot street portraits


How to position yourself for candid street photography


  • Keep one eye open to watch out for passers by.
  • Get low down for better composition and intimate shots.
  • Shoot in Continuous mode to help capture the peak action.
  • Don’t always shoot on a long lens. Fit a wide-angle too.
  • A steady support is always important for getting the sharpest shots.

The best camera settings for candid street photography

Like a good Martini, select the best camera settings so you’re ready to shoot anytime, any place, anywhere.

  • Metering – Overall for consistency when framing.
  • Exposure mode – TV or AV for instant good exposures.
  • Burst mode – Continuous shooting to grab the action.
  • Power – Leave turned on so you’re always ready to shoot.

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PAGE 2: How to position yours (and best camera settings) for street portraits
PAGE 3: The best locations for candid street photography


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