Winter wildlife photography: tips for taking amazing pictures at home

Winter wildlife photography: tips for taking amazing pictures at home

Final tips for photographing garden wildlife


Tips for photographing birds in your garden

Look after the birds

Provide a variety of good quality bird foods and clean and replace the feeders regularly to avoid problems with disease. Squirrel-proof feeders are a good option in areas where squirrels are likely to be a problem. Also supply the birds with clean water daily for drinking and bathing.

Introduce perches

As a way to isolate your subject from the background and to produce a more attractive shot, set up a perch such as a sprig of berries for the birds to land on before they come to the feeder. Attach the perch to a support or spare tripod for precise positioning.

Shoot wide open
To throw the background nicely out of focus, set a large aperture such as f/4 or f/5.6. This combined with a long focal length lens will give a very shallow depth of field and produce shots with a diffused backdrop and just the bird in sharp focus.

Try backlighting

As an alternative way to light your subject try shooting towards the sun to rim light the bird’s feathers against a dark background or create silhouettes at sunrise or sunset. This is a simple way to add some extra drama to your garden bird pictures.

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