Winter wildlife photography: tips for taking amazing pictures at home

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    Capturing garden birds in flight


    Capturing garden birds in flight

    Once only possible with high-speed flash, flight shots are now accessible to anyone with a large capacity memory card. You’ll need good sunlight and a high ISO setting, because a shutter speed of around 1/2000 sec is needed to freeze the action.

    Autofocus isn’t reliable for fast-flying small birds, so it’s best to align the feeder and perch in the same plane of focus. Manually focus on the perch (or feeder) and then re-compose the shot so that it’s framed in the gap between them. With luck the bird will then fly from the perch to the feeder and remain in sharp focus.

    Use a remote shutter release so you can watch the bird on the perch, and then take a sequence of shots as it takes off using the fastest motordrive setting.

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