3 selective adjustment tools your raw files can’t live without

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    Using selective adjustment tools for accurate white balance


    Adjust white balance with selective adjustment tools

    Adobe Camera Raw is the best place to correct white balance for realistic-looking colours.

    But as well as adjusting white balance over the whole image, the Graduated Filter and Adjustment Brush also give you selective control.

    Not only is this useful for cooling tones in a sky or warming tones in land – as we’ve done here, it’s also great if you have a scene with different light sources, such as a portrait captured with a mix of daylight and tungsten lighting.

    White Balance controls


    Drag left to cool tones and right to warm them.

    Allows you to fine-tune white balance  to compensate for a green or magenta tint.

    White Balance tool
    Click on a tone that you know to be white or neutral grey. Adobe Camera Raw will then detect the 
correct temperature.

    PAGE 1: Overview of selective adjustment tools
    PAGE 2: Graduated Filter
    PAGE 3: Adjustment Brush
    PAGE 4: Targeted Adjustments
    PAGE 5: Using selective adjustment tools for accurate white balance


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