3 selective adjustment tools your raw files can’t live without

3 selective adjustment tools your raw files can't live without

Targeted Adjustments


Targeted Adjustments

Adobe Camera Raw’s sliders aren’t the only method for adjusting tones. If you prefer interactive control, there is an alternative.

The Targeted Adjustment tool lets you click and drag within the image to target and alter specific colours or tonal ranges.

Dragging left or down decreases values, right or up increases them. Grab the tool from the Toolbar then right-click for five sets of parameters:

Parametric Curve
Drag to lighten or darken Highlights, Lights, Darks, or Shadows.

Target and alter the Hue of eight 
different colour ranges.

Increase or decrease the Saturation of specific colours in the image.

Make colour ranges lighter or darker by dragging left or right over them.

Greyscale Mix
Convert to mono then target colour ranges to lighten or darken.

PAGE 1: Overview of selective adjustment tools
PAGE 2: Graduated Filter
PAGE 3: Adjustment Brush
PAGE 4: Targeted Adjustments
PAGE 5: Using selective adjustment tools for accurate white balance


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