3 selective adjustment tools your raw files can’t live without

3 selective adjustment tools your raw files can't live without

Graduated Filter


Graduated Filter selective adjustment tool

The Graduated Filter lets you plot a gradient over an area then change the tones. As well as altering exposure, you can also make useful tweaks to things like white balance, sharpness and colour saturation.

What’s more, you can set more than one gradient, which makes it easy to change different areas or create a retro film-style border as we’ve done here.

Graduated Filter tips

  • Hold Shift while dragging a gradient to keep it perfectly horizontal, vertical or at a 45 degree angle.
  • Click on a gradient to alter any of the adjustment settings, or hit Delete 
to remove it.
  • The tool remembers the last-used settings, which isn’t always 
helpful. Double-click any slider to quickly reset it.
  • Hit V to toggle the gradient overlay guidelines on or off.

PAGE 1: Overview of selective adjustment tools
PAGE 2: Graduated Filter
PAGE 3: Adjustment Brush
PAGE 4: Targeted Adjustments
PAGE 5: Using selective adjustment tools for accurate white balance


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