Forced Perspective: fun photography effects you can achieve with any camera

    | Photography Tips | 10/12/2012 16:00pm

    Get a new view


    Get a new view with forced perspective

    Image by barkbud

    The popularity of miniaturisation filter effects on digital cameras allows us to play with perspective in a different way, making subjects seem further apart and smaller than they actually are.

    These filter effects work by applying a heavy blur effect to out-of-focus areas so they appear to be much further away from the lens than the subject is. This gives lots of scope for playing with size and scale.

    Someone clinging to a child’s climbing frame, for example, could appear to be high off the ground if you shoot them from above.

    Of course, if your camera doesn’t have a miniaturisation or tilt-shift effect you can always apply a band of blur post-capture using your favourite image editing software.

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