Forced Perspective: fun photography effects you can achieve with any camera

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    Line up your forced perspective composition


    Line up your forced perspective composition

    Image by Beckstei

    The trickiest part of a forced perspective image is aligning your two separate subjects within your photo composition so that they look like they are interacting and bang next to each other.

    If you are shooting with a compact camera with an optical viewfinder make sure that you use the LCD screen to compose the image as this shows the view as the camera will capture it.

    The direct view viewfinder shows the scene through a small window just the side of the lens and it suffers from parallax error because its viewpoint is slightly different from the lenses, which can result in your subjects being misaligned.

    There are two elements to lining-up your subjects; the position of the foreground subject and position of the camera.

    When your foreground subject is a person it’s very easy to fall into the trap of telling them to move when you can actually achieve the same thing much quicker by moving the camera – don’t forget they can’t see the scene from the point of view of the camera so its harder for them to judge the correct alignment.

    It’s also very tempting to ask your subject to adopt a particular pose without explaining that you’ve just spotted a funny photo opportunity.

    Of course this can work, but sometimes its helpful to take a quick snapshot and show them the potential of the scene on the camera screen so that they understand what you are trying to achieve.

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