Professional Photographer to the Rescue: tell a story with your travel photography

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    Our professional photographer’s recommended gear


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: Western Digital Passport

    Western Digital Passport
    “I make two backups of everything I shoot, each evening. One goes on the hard drive of my laptop, and the other on the portable hard drive that I carry. I ensure both backup sets are perfectly synchronised using an excellent piece of free software called SyncBack Freeware.


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: Really Right Stuff L-Plate

    Really Right Stuff L-Plate
    “This is the quick-release plate for my tripod, and it is permanently attached to my camera,” David says. “The L-shaped design means there is a tripod attachment on the side of the camera, as well as on the bottom. Once I have a shot set up, I can switch quickly from landscape to portrait format, without having to readjust the compatible ball head of my tripod.”


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: Orange (CTO) gel

    Orange (CTO) gel
    “I resist using flash whenever possible; however, it is essential for pictures of people in very low light. To make the flash look more natural, I fit a piece of orange gel onto my Speedlite with a Velcro arrangement I came up with myself.  The Rosco Strobist Gel Set provides a range of coloured correction filters.


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: Baksheesh

    “There are some pictures of people you simply can’t get unless you pay the subject – monetary ‘gifts’, known as baksheesh, are part of the culture. The dancers, snake charmers, and colourfully clothed water sellers (above) in the main medina square even make their living this way. Ensure you always have a pocket of coins at the ready – and be prepared for them to always ask for more, however much you give!”

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