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    Final tips from our professional photographer


    Tips from a professional photographer: use the light wisely

    Use the light wisely
    “For some pictures you have to get up at dawn to get the best light. But this is not true in the narrow market lanes. They remain in shadow until the middle of the day. When the light is overhead, the slatted roofs cast a picturesque pattern of shadows over the bustling scene.”

    Incorporate skies into your compositions
    Rather than see the sky as a hindrance to try and work with it – using a wide view and a low horizon. He encouraged me to darken the exposure, so that the sunlit pavilion ‘popped out’ of the picture.”


    Tips from a professional photographer: try a new perspective

    Try a new perspective
    “As dusk approaches, the main square in Marrakesh fills with food stalls and street entertainers. These guys were making a right racket and it was the colour and noise that drew us to them,” David says. “Getting down low helped to isolate the performers from the throng. We tried this shot from further away, but it was another case of getting in close helping to make the shot – and helping to get a reaction from the performer on the right.”

    Trash the trash
    “Be ruthless with your pictures. No picture library is interested in seeing your second-best shot. It is the top images that will sell again and again – and it is important that you spend your time with the intention of creating these money shots. Don’t waste your effort on shots that will never make the grade.”

    PAGE 1: Meet our professional photographer and apprentice
    PAGE 2: During the shoot
    PAGE 3: Final tips from our professional photographer
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