Professional Photographer to the Rescue: tell a story with your travel photography

Professional Photographer to the Rescue: tell a story with your travel photography

So far in our Professional Photographer to the Rescue series we’ve revealed a pro’s tips for music photography and the secret to shooting wild landscapes. This week our professional photographer takes an apprentice to bustling markets of Marrakesh, in Morocco, and shares his best travel photography tips for learning how to tell the story of a place through your pictures.

Professional Photographer to the Rescue: tell a story with your travel photography

Our Professional Photographer


David Sutherland
Canadian by birth, David has worked as a professional photographer for over 25 years. Based in London, his mastery of light and colour has helped him make a successful business out of jetting around the world – shooting stock for Getty, Corbis and other top image libraries. When not globetrotting, he runs a commercial studio with his daughter. See more of David’s work.

Our Apprentice


Cliff Hobbs
IT consultant Cliff lives in Milton Keynes. He bought a Canon EOS 400D three years ago, but has got the photography bug big time – so upgraded to his all-singing Canon EOS 5D Mk II last year. He travels widely with his Brazilian bride and, like many of us, dreams of becoming a full-time travel photographer. We flew him to Marrakesh in Morocco to give him a taster and some valuable one-on-one advice.

Technique assessment


After an hour or two meandering around the markets in Marrakesh’s medina, David pointed out two ways in which Cliff could tweak his DSLR settings to improve his hit rate

Tips from a professional photographer: use continuous shooting

Continuous shooting
“When shooting in markets you can wait for ages for the right people to appear in the right part of the frame,” David says. “When the moment arrives, you need to fire off as many frames as possible – small differences can make all the difference. I therefore recommended Cliff to change his camera’s Drive mode from single to high-speed continuous shooting – and to be prepared to burn up a lot more memory!”


Tips from a professional photographer: use aperture priority mode

No time for manual mode
“Great moments appear and disappear in an instant when photographing candids – and you generally don’t have time to play around with your camera settings if you are to get the picture. Cliff was shooting in Manual – but I suggested he switch to Aperture Priority mode for quicker control, and showed him how to use the rear dial on his 5D for speedy exposure compensation, if needed.”

PAGE 1: Meet our professional photographer and apprentice
PAGE 2: During the shoot
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