Memoto camera: Memories are made of this…

Memoto camera

When camera start-up company Memoto pitched its idea for a new product on crowd-funding website Kickstarter, it set itself the ambitious goal of raising $50,000 to help kickstart its idea. When it reached this total in just five hours, it knew it was onto a winner. The total raised now stands at half a million US dollars.

The company has developed a tiny, wearable camera that automatically captures images at every moment of your life – or almost every moment. These spontaneous shots are automatically GPS-tagged and placed in a neat timeline, and can be effortlessly searched, shared and revisited at any time using an innovative cloud service. Or so the theory goes…

It sounds bonkers, but it’s quite possibly brilliant. The idea is that the tiny camera – which is the size of a postage stamp and simply clips to your clothing – discreetly captures every special moment of your life as it’s happening, and before you even realise how special it might turn out to be. The images literally provide a photographic memory of your life. Everything’s automatic; it only stops taking picture when you take it off or pop it in your pocket.

The original idea was for it to shoot a 5MP image every 30 seconds, but thanks to the half-million in funding, Memoto now hopes to enable the interval to be set by the user, and to allow users to bookmark a photo by quickly tapping the camera after a special moment.

Memoto’s pre-order product video.

Memoto expects the camera to be available in early 2013, and it will cost $279. You can pre-order one in Graphite Grey, Arctic White or Memoto Orange at

Original story published in Issue 11of Photography Week

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