Winter Photography: professional tips for working with seasonal light and textures

Winter Photography: professional ways of working with seasonal light and textures

How to photograph snow


Winter photography tips: how to photograph snow

Image by Ben Hall

Reliable snowfall each winter is, it’s fair to say, a thing of the past in the UK. So, as photographers, we need to make the most of it when it does arrive!

There’s a wealth of different pictures out there. Stark white skies and snow-covered scenes can create eerie, atmospheric shots which look great in mono.

Get out early to make the most of the magical light at dawn – the combination of warm, golden skies and cool snow makes for powerful pictures. Look for splashes of colour to frame against a clean white backdrop.

The key thing to remember when shooting snow is that it can throw camera meters into a spin. A white scene can end up grey as the camera tries to make everything a midtone.

Read the histogram and be prepared to add +1 EV or more to brighten up the scene.

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