Christmas Card Photo Ideas: simple seasonal still life photography at home

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    Setting up your camera


    Christmas Card Photo Ideas: setting up your camera

    To ensure sharp images using a tripod with your camera and use a remote release to trip the shutter.

    If you don’t have one, use your camera’s self-timer function so that the shutter is triggered after any wobble created by you touching the camera has stopped.

    If you decide to go the whole hog and use mirror lock-up, the first press of the shutter release lifts the shutter while the second (made after any vibrations have stopped) trips the shutter.

    PAGE 1: What makes for good Christmas card photo ideas
    PAGE 2: Choosing the right background for your Christmas card photo ideas
    PAGE 3: Lighting your Christmas still life photography
    PAGE 4: Setting up your camera
    PAGE 5: Use Live View for your Christmas still lifes
    PAGE 6: Best white balance settings for your Christmas card photo ideas
    PAGE 7: Best exposure settings


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