All the gear and no idea: Sony back up their ad campaign

All the gear and no idea: the story behind the new Sony CSC ad campaign

In an effort to boost sales of Sony’s compact system cameras, Sony Australia has come up with an online – and slightly off-the-wall – marketing campaign. It has produced a series of videos poking gentle (but acutely-observed) fun at stereotypical DSLR users, with the tag line ‘All the gear and no idea’.

Where can I see the videos?
The video below is a compilation of all of the 30-second videos called DSLR Gear No Idea. There are eight videos in total, each lampooning a particular photographic personality.

Such as…?
‘Status updaters’ features a couple of female friends on a beach endlessly turning a camera on themselves using a ridiculously long lens; the brilliant F-Stop Fusspot features a hapless portrait photographer constantly fiddling with settings; the Lens Spotter is determined to tell everyone who’ll listen about the benefits of his (even longer) lens; and the Foreign Correspondent – our particular favourite – wanders around sporting a khaki vest and a clutch of spare bodies to photograph a friend’s barbecue. And it only gets worse when he starts filming a home movie…

Will it work?
Who knows? At the time of writing, the channel has had more than half a million video views, so it’s definitely catching on, but whether it will help Sony sell more cameras is another question. CSCs are selling like saki in Japan, accounting for around 50% of sales of interchangeable lens cameras.

In the UK, which also boasts high adoption rates, the figure is thought to be more like 30%, but in the rest of the world CSCs have yet to have quite the same impact.


Last week Sony Australia backed up their light-hearted ribbing with some cold, hard facts.

In a survey of over 1,000 non-professional digital SLR owners, almost two thirds admitted to using their camera on full auto mode most or all of the time, a third said that they didn’t know how to use their camera, and one in five said they used their camera to capture images purely for blogging and social media sites.

Sony would say that wouldn’t they… But even allowing for the fact that the results are doubtless somewhat skewed in Sony’s favour (so as to bolster sales of its smaller and arguably more intuitive compact system camera), they nonetheless suggest that SLR owners aren’t getting as much out of their cameras as they could be.

What’s interesting is that it suggests – quite reasonably – that many of us might be better of with CSCs. Since Canon joined the CSC party earlier this year, industry experts have been wondering if 2012 will mark the tipping point for CSCs, which still play second fiddle to SLRs in most countries.

As part of their ongoing campaign, Sony sent celebrity portrait Pro Gary Heery onto streets to speak to SLR users in person. For comic effect, Heery made the game participants hold up embarrassing placards highlighting their deficiencies. Quite how he got away without being punched is anyone’s guess.

Source: Analysis by Photography Week

All the gear and no idea: reaction to the new Sony CSC ad campaign

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