Understanding shutter speed as a creative tool: freeze and pan with confidence

    | Photography Tips | 03/12/2012 11:30am

    Choose your shutter speed


    Understanding shutter speed: using a 10-stop ND filter

    Using a 10-stop ND filter

    Understanding shutter speed: using a 6-stop ND filter

    Using a 6-stop ND filter

    Stop down or fit a neutral density filter to smooth out the motion of the waves in coastal photos

    There’s no real right and wrong when using shutter speeds creatively, as it remains a question of personal taste.

    The first shot demonstrates the use of a fast shutter speed to freeze the wave movement, which makes a dense ocean texture.

    The next image was shot at the same focal length using a six-stop neutral density filter.

    The shutter speed was considerably slower, which smoothed the water textures for a more artistic look.

    Which is better? That’s up to you.


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