Understanding shutter speed as a creative tool: freeze and pan with confidence

Understanding shutter speed as a creative tool: freeze, pan and smooth with confidence

Three simple steps to slow shutter speeds


Understanding shutter speed: Decrease the aperture

Decrease the aperture
Reduce the light entering the lens by decreasing the aperture to a smaller value such as f/16. This enables you to slow down the shutter speed to compensate for the smaller aperture. The small aperture will also increase the depth of field.


Understanding shutter speed: lower the ISO

Lower the ISO
Shoot at the lowest ISO setting. Often ISO50 and a small aperture are all that’s needed for slowing down the shutter for creative images. The ISO rating is as important as the aperture, so check your camera’s settings to ensure you’re shooting at the lowest possible rating.


Understanding shutter speed: attach an ND filter

Attach an ND filter
Using a neutral density filter (not to be confused with a graduated filter) will reduce the light levels entering the camera without the need to adjust the shutter speed or aperture. Its effectiveness depends on the time of day and the available light.


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