9 creative photo ideas to try in December

9 creative photo ideas to try in December

07 Shoot woodland wildlife


9 creative photo ideas to try in December: shoot woodland wildlife

As autumn creeps towards winter, venture into the woods to capture classic shots of endearing woodland creatures. There are many to choose from at this time of year, from squirrels to hibernating hedgehogs and mice. You may also be able to get some action shots of fallow deer or rutting red stags.

Wildlife photographer Danny Green took this shot of a red squirrel late one evening last November. “Red squirrels look beautiful at this time of the year, with a new winter coat and sprouting those lovely ear tufts,” he says.

This shot was taken with Danny’s Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II and a 500mm lens. He positioned himself low to the ground to compose the shot.

“I wanted to incorporate the colours of the leaves in the foreground and also include the tones of the autumnal background. As I shot it in late evening light using a long lens, a tripod was essential.”

To get a shot of a red squirrel you’ll have to hunt around, and have plenty of patience! You’re far more likely to spot one in Scotland than any other place in the UK. There are estimated to be 2.5 million greys compared to 140,000 reds in the UK.

Get started today…  
* Pack a telephoto lens and solid tripod to get the best results on your woodland shoot.
* Research the natural habits and habitat of the creature you’ll be photographing.
* Open up the aperture to blur the background, letting the animal stand out within its natural environment.

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